Motivation for the Austin Healey Restorer

Austin Healey restoration is something that most owners of this quaint two seater sports car will face at one point. These cars were made for a period of 20 years and haven't been made in over forty years. There are no new ones on the market, so if you want an Austin Healey that looks good and runs good then you must understand how to restore one.

Austin Healey restoration can in fact often be quite enjoyable. Should you be fortunate enough to have one then you surely have an understanding of the distinctive attributes of your vehicle and you should get plenty of enjoyment from returning it again to a working order where it seems as if it just drove off of the display room floor.

The Austin Healey restoration will begin with stripping the car down to the frame. These cars are not too difficult to restore without help. Most of the restoration should be able to be accomplished by one person. Help may be needed to lift in the engine or to handle some technical details.

A True Austin Healey restoration goes far beyond just getting it running and applying a new coat of paint so it has a shiny exterior. A true restoration actually involves looking back at how the car looked when it was manufactured and staying true to the original parts and look of the car. This not only involves physical labor, but also requires you to do some research. You will take time to find the right parts and the right components for an original look.

One of the main problems faced by many classic car enthusiasts is finding parts for their projects, so where are the best places to find what you need for your task? Joining clubs or associations dedicated to your car is one, another good source of parts are online auctions, classic car shows will also have dealers with large parts inventories to search through and there are many websites that sell on original parts too. If you choose to search online and don't actually see the part before you buy then do due diligence on the seller beforehand by searching for reviews etc. so you don't end up being disappointed or at worst ripped off.

Of course some may feel they don't have the skills or the time to undertake a restoration project themselves, luckily there are many classic car restoration specialists that will do the hard work for you (for a price). The best way to find a high quality Austin Healey Restorer is to look locally for classic car restoration specialists. If there aren't any in the phone book or you can't get a good word of mouth recommendation, then look online. There are many good restoration workers who can be found online and obviously the most ideal situation is to find someone locally, then semi-locally, and if there just aren't any options and you don't have the natural skills to do it yourself, then look at longer distance options.

This isn't going to be cheap and you should choose your restorer carefully. Look for reviews from other customers, and ask to speak to their customers. Complete your research and make sure you are satisfied that the person you are about to hand your prised classic car to is up to the job, If in doubt, look for someone else.

 As with every project of this dimension your Austin Healey restoration will be an emotional journey, but worth it in the finish. Just keep the psychological picture of the completed item sitting gleaming in your driveway in the event you need motivation. As you can see Austin Healey restoration can be a challenging prospect, but finding Austin Healey parts should be achievable. Due to this gorgeous classic cars popularity, even though production stopped over forty years ago, it should remain possible for some time to come.